Kind and generous people rock


Took a BART ride to Berkeley early evening, in the midst of after-work traffic. Having a leg handicap that’s invisible to other people is kind of hard to take care of in a full train, but as I was trying to maneuver my way around it, the lady in red sitting next to me said: “You can put your leg on my lap if you like.” And, as she saw my relief, added: “I’m sorry for not noticing earlier”.
Strangers and how they can respond sometimes.. You gotta love.

Then as I arrived in Ashby and waited for my friend and his dog to pick me up, the local farmer closing up for the day offered a nectarine and as many leftover cucumbers as I could carry. They were all bent or round Рwe agreed thus perfectly shaped. And they made for a great gazpacho 

Just back home after spending the rest of the evening cooking and digging up air beds, a pump, sleeping bags, cool boxes and breathing masks around my friend’s house, all of which I may borrow for next week. Buying Nothing New while Burning Man is coming up is less hard and actually most lovely with great friends around¬†

Kind and generous people rock.

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