I got your back

Washington, October 2013: Landed in Washington DC tonight. We’re three hours ahead here and the plane touched down around 11pm local time, so when Nate and I got to our hotel it was well past midnight.

The supernice guy at the front desk said everything nearby was closed and it was too dangerous to wander out here by myself at this time of night, so I ended up going to the McDonald’s across the street, of all placesĀ 
When I walked in, the huge black guy behind the counter gestured that they had also just shut down. It was 1 minute past midnight and I had had two short flights without any food so I was really very hungry. I said this to him but he just said: “Yes lady, and I am so tired from work”, as if he was walking off.
Then he turned and said: “No worries, I got your back.”

His colleague scolded him because they had cleaned up already and there were no pre-made salads left, but he went to the back and prepared one for me himself. Five minutes later, he came back and gave me two.
“You made one extra, why?”
“Just because, you had a long flight and you’re hungry.”

Love this dude – Marcus was his name. I indulged, because the salad was good! But nothing beat the man’s smile : ) #peoplearekind

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